As a company, our continued mission has always been to expand on what we do best: maintain an engaged 25M+ audience through curated content and unique shopping experiences. In the last few weeks, we’ve taken that strategy to another level and introduced video shopping. Video has always been a core part of our media business and now, we are bringing it to our commerce business. For consumers, it’s a way to be an insider to shopping events. For brands, it’s a way to be an insider to the conversation.

As part of our PopSugar Shop offers, we’re integrating a video shopping experience. We did this most recently in collaboration with designer Lauren Merkin. Through video, our viewers were able to get an inside look into her luxury bag creations and tips on how to best incorporate them into a fashion look.

We also held our first-ever live shopping event on PopSugar Live, which attracted over 75,000 viewers. Hosted by our PopSugar editor team, the event showcased 25 hand-selected holiday gifts in fashion, beauty and home, available for purchase in real-time. Through Facebook and Twitter, viewers were able to engage with our editors and other shoppers throughout the broadcast.

These shopping events are a great illustration of where we’re headed as we continue to grow our commerce business. Video will continue to play an integral part in how we deliver shopping experiences to our consumers. Our early findings suggest that creating a video commerce experience that leverages our PopSugar content network enables more conversions into purchases.

Here are a few more insights we’ve uncovered:

• On average, viewers will tend to transact at 30-35% higher conversion rates, compared to non-viewers
• Viewers are more inclined to purchase incrementally more offers than non-viewers
• Similarly, shoppers will purchase more items and at higher price points