Today, our friends at LeanIn.Org launched Together Women Can, a public-awareness campaign that celebrates the power of women supporting each other and the amazing things we accomplish when we do. The campaign emphasizes that women can be powerful allies for each other at work — and are uniquely qualified to do so because they experience many of the same challenges.

Inspired by this theme, POPSUGAR has paired up with LeanIn.Org to develop a series of videos that underscores the messages of the campaign. The videos, which are part of a larger partnership with LeanIn.Org, highlight examples of women supporting each other in pop culture, from Beyoncé to Jennifer Lawrence to Shonda Rhimes. The videos are designed to engage young women and are optimized for viewing and sharing on mobile.

"We are thrilled to partner with LeanIn.Org to help young women take action," said POPSUGAR President Lisa Sugar. "With the combination of Lean In's practical, research-based information and our expertise engaging millennials in fun, relatable ways, we can inspire the next generation of female leaders to work together and go further."

Here's how you can get involved and celebrate the women who #LeanInTogether with you!

  • Watch and share our videos on POPSUGAR.
  • Visit for simple, everyday tips for supporting women and girls — or text LEANIN to 555888 to get a tip a week via text message!

Please see one of POPSUGAR's #LeanInTogether videos here: