Our Audience…

  • POPSUGAR's target audience is women, 18-40. 
  • POPSUGAR reaches 23.3 million multi-platform monthly unique visitors (comScore 3/14) 

Our Numbers…

  • POPSUGAR creates over 250 videos each month across women's passion points. 
  • POPSUGAR original video content is viewed nearly 50 million times per month. (Omniture and Partner Analytics, 1/14) 
  • POPSUGAR receives 5.57 million unique video viewers per month. (comScore 3/14) 
  • POPSUGAR visitors watch over 2.5 million hours of video per month. (Omniture 1/14) 
  • POPSUGAR's YouTube channels have over 785K total channel subscribers to date, more than Vogue, Glamour, and Refinery29 channels combined. POPSUGAR Girls' Guide, has 240K subscribers to date. 
  • POPSUGAR has 47 premium, original video shows. 

Our Growth…

  • In just 4 years, POPSUGAR has become the 4th largest lifestyle video site on the Internet. 
  • POPSUGAR Fitness continues to be our most successful channel, with views up 79% YOY on our site and 1,179% on YouTube. 
  • POPSUGAR Food is among our most quickly growing channels, with total views up 920% YOY and YouTube subscribers up 1,030% YOY. 
  • Leading into 2014, POPSUGAR is seeing accelerated growth with video views up 25% YOY. 
  • POPSUGAR's distribution growth across sites like MSN, Yahoo, Hulu is up 103% YOY. 
  • POPSUGAR's YouTube subscriber base is up 236% YOY and growing. 
  • POPSUGAR Studios has expanded to 3 full-service studios in 3 different cities (LA, NY, SF) and is able to produce TV-quality content anywhere across the globe. 

Interesting Facts about Our Videos…

  • Class FitSugar workouts regularly receive huge social shares. For example, the Victoria's Secret workout episode is about to hit 1 million pins on Pinterest. 
  • Eat the Trend host Brandi Milloy recently went on air to share her recipe for 'Ramen-Crusted Chicken' on The Today Show. 
  • President Barack Obama's Senior Adviser, Valerie Jarrett, was recently a special guest on POPSUGAR Girls' Guide's popular pop culture countdown show, Top That. 

Findings from "Sight, Sound & Emotion" Lifestyle Video Study" (POPSUGAR Insights/ulive 2014)...

  • 54% of women watch lifestyle videos to learn about brands. 
  • 50% of female heavy lifestyle video streamers have visited a site or brick and mortar store to purchase a product they saw advertised in a lifestyle video. 59% of heavy video consumers say advertising appeals to them when it doesn't delay their viewing of the video. 
  • 59% of female entertainment enthusiasts have had their opinions changed for the better by a brand they saw advertised in a lifestyle video. 
  • 62% of women would rather win a lifetime subscription to Netflix than win a date with their favorite celebrity. 
  • 56% of women 18-24 would rather live without TV than live without online videos. 49% of women want to see more videos that provide "how-to instructions" on how to accomplish the task, cook the meal, get the look or learn an exercise.