San Francisco, December 15, 2015: POPSUGAR Inc. announced today a partnership with Nervora and Trends Media Group as part of the brand's global expansion into emerging markets. These partnerships will allow both POPSUGAR and ShopStyle to reach new audiences and consumers in the Middle East and China. POPSUGAR is the global lifestyle media brand for millennial women and ShopStyle, a leading digital ecommerce platform based in San Francisco, Ca. with 85 million global unique visitors a month, and 29 million unique visits from non-US visitors.

Nervora, an experienced digital media company which allows leading brands to reach millions of highly engaged consumers globally, will launch POPSUGAR in the Middle East in December 2015 in English and and Arabic. ShopStyle launched an English version in the Middle East in November 2015 and an upcoming Arabic version is slated for 2016.

"The Middle East as a region is extremely digitally savvy and has one of the youngest populations in the world, perfectly suited for a millennial-focused brand like POPSUGAR," said Brian Sugar, Founder and Chief Executive Office of POPSUGAR Inc. "It's also primed for ShopStyle: ShopStyle is already experiencing rapid sales growth in the Middle East and by investing in a local Middle East platform, we will see continued significant growth in sales," added Sugar. "We are excited about this partnership," said Shashi Menon, CEO of Nervora. "The market is at an important inflection point in terms of media and e-commerce, and platforms like POPSUGAR and ShopStyle can be game-changers for the region."

Additionally, POPSUGAR Inc. has partnered with Trends Media Group in China, and POPSUGAR launched on the Trends Digital Platform in November 2015 in Mandarin, providing the first localized presence for POPSUGAR in this large and influential market. ShopStyle also launched in November 2015 in China.

The market expansion builds on POPSUGAR Inc's already strong global presence in the U.K., France, Germany, Japan, Canada, and Australia. The increasing cross-border demand for visual content and commerce is driving rapid growth for POPSUGAR, with a third of the media audience already viewing content from outside North America, and half of ShopStyle shoppers originating outside of the region.
POPSUGAR has seen particularly strong growth in Australia, where POPSUGAR has partnered with Allure Media since 2009 and has grown to become the #1 women's lifestyle brand, and in the UK where unique localized, visual-first content has led to 5x growth in pageviews year-on-year and 3x growth in visits. ShopStyle has seen international revenues increase 2.4x from 2012 to 2014 and has expanded its product offering from its over 1400 retailers around the globe to 14 million products.