Last week, POPSUGAR Inc. launched Emoticode, an emoji-style URL-shortening technology that enables people, publishers, and brands to create links for Snapchat and Instagram. Emoticode technology is available on the native Emoticode iOS app and the ShopStyle and ShopStyle Collective apps. In the future, it will be on the POPSUGAR app as well.

Emoticode gives content creators a fun, visually organic way to share URLs to drive users back to source content. It's particularly beneficial for commerce brands that are looking for a way to monetize their Snapchat and Instagram channels.

ShopStyle Collective influencers who use the ShopStyle Collective app will be able to use integrated Emoticode technology to monetize their Snapchat and Instagram posts.

Emoticode was created by POPSUGAR Inc. CEO and founder Brian Sugar, an entrepreneur who enjoys coding in his spare time. "The inspiration for Emoticode came to me when we were reviewing our amazing growth on Snapchat last month," says Sugar. "David Grant, president of POPSUGAR Studios, pointed to one of the most popular snaps and said, 'This snap containing the URL to a product was screenshotted thousands of times.' It was clear that people were taking action from our snaps, yet it wasn't as easy as it could be. The light bulb went off. What if we could connect a screenshot with a URL?

"Emoticode was born. The technology uses a combination of emoji and characters that can be decoded into a URL, which is then seamlessly integrated with our commerce platform, ShopStyle, and other platforms in the future," he continues. "It works for any URL you want to share: products, recipes, workouts, articles, you name it. Anything you want people to engage with beyond a snap or an Instagram post."

Please go to for more information. Digiday covered Emoticode's launch — please find the story here. To see step-by-step details of how Emoticode works, please click on the play button below.