Our Audience… POPSUGAR's target audience is women, 18-40. POPSUGAR reaches 23.3 million multi-platform monthly unique visitors (comScore 3/14) Our Numbers… POPSUGAR creates over 250 videos each month across women's passion points. POPSUGAR original video content is viewed nearly 50 million times per month. (Omniture and Partner Analytics, 1/14) POPSUGAR receives 5.57 million unique video viewers per month. (comScore 3/14) POPSUGAR visitors watch over 2.5 million hours of video per month. (Omniture 1/14) POPSUGAR's YouTube channels have over 785K total channel subscribers to date, more than Vogue, Glamour, and Refinery29 channels combined. POPSUGAR Girls' Guide, has 240K subscribers to date. POPSUGAR has 47 premium, original video shows. Our Growth… In just 4 years, POPSUGAR has become the 4th largest lifestyle video site on the Internet. POPSUGAR Fitness continues to be our most successful channel, with views up 79% YOY on our site and 1,179% on YouTube. POPSUGAR Food is among our most quickly growing channels, with total views up 920% YOY and YouTube subscribers up 1,030% YOY. Leading into 2014, POPSUGAR is seeing accelerated growth with video views up 25% YOY. POPSUGAR's distribution growth across sites like MSN, Yahoo, Hulu is up 103% YOY. POPSUGAR's YouTube subscriber base is up 236% YOY and growing. POPSUGAR Studios has expanded to 3 full-service studios in 3 different cities (LA, NY, SF) and is able to produce TV-quality content anywhere across the globe. For example. POPSUGAR's daily entertainment and lifestyle TV show on TVGN, POPSUGAR Now, will be headed to Cannes in May and ComicCon in July. Interesting Facts about Our Videos… Class FitSugar workouts regularly receive huge social shares. For example, the Victoria's Secret workout episode is about to hit 1 million pins on Pinterest. Eat the Trend host Brandi Milloy recently went on air to share her recipe for 'Ramen-Crusted Chicken' on The Today Show. President Barack Obama's Senior Adviser, Valerie Jarrett, was recently a special guest on POPSUGAR Girls' Guide's popular pop culture countdown show, Top That. Findings from "Sight, Sound & Emotion" Lifestyle Video Study" (POPSUGAR Insights/ulive 2014)... 54% of women watch lifestyle videos to learn about brands. 50% of female heavy lifestyle video streamers have visited a site or brick and mortar store to purchase a product they saw advertised in a lifestyle video. 59% of heavy video consumers say advertising appeals to them when it doesn't delay their viewing of the video. 59% of female entertainment enthusiasts have had their opinions changed for the better by a brand they saw advertised in a lifestyle video. 62% of women would rather win a lifetime subscription to Netflix than win a date with their favorite celebrity. 56% of women 18-24 would rather live without TV than live without online videos. 49% of women want to see more videos that provide "how-to instructions" on how to accomplish the task, cook the meal, get the look or learn an exercise.