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POPSUGAR is an all-embracing lifestyle and cheerful philosophy built around the power of happy. We are equal parts best friend and trusted expert, and our team of more than 100 editors is renowned for producing up-to-the-minute content on all the topics and lively conversations women are passionate about. POPSUGAR is now in seven countries and expanding. We are the industry leader in digital commerce platforms, connecting consumers to 12 million style-centric products in the ShopStyle catalog. Our innovative partnerships with thousands of retailers provide an unmatched shopping experience and produce more than a billion sales leads annually. And together, our businesses attract 85 million global visitors who are addicted to our optimistic take on topics like food, fashion, technology and wellness. For more information about our audience, go here.

Over 85 million unique visitors and over 20 million social fans

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POPSUGAR reaches
1 in 3 female millenials

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comScore, 2015
Our Values

We are PASSIONATE. About our products, our brands, and our people. We are FANS, not critics. We are SUPPORTIVE AND KIND, both externally and internally. We are POSITIVE. We start with "yes" and always think "how" and not "can't." We COLLABORATE in hopes of building a brighter world today with our partners, co-workers, and audience. We welcome CHANGE. We move FAST and are not afraid to fail. We love to WIN, but we value OUR TEAM more than the prize. We root for each other and seize all opportunities to say CHEERS.


Our Brands

Where more than 3 million women go each day for original, inspirational content that feeds their passions, interests and attitudes.

The leading fashion search engine that drives billions in retail sales through one simple, convenient shopping experience.

An artfully curated monthly subscription box that turns everyday products into delightfully irresistible essentials.

Brand Partnerships

Lisa Sugar had a passion for celebrity news (especially everything Matt Damon) and blue handbags, and sensed a void in the market for fun, friendly, pop culture content. Her husband Brian had an equal passion for disrupting big industries through technology. In 2005, they shared a vision to modernize the newstand by bringing readers the latest trending topics in pop culture in real-time.

Native Advertising

Full-service creative shop, develops immersive marketing programs for Brands who want to reach and engage women.

Capabilities Include:

Video Production, Original Photography,
Digital and Mobile Experiences,
Social Media Activation, Experiential
Marketing, Premium Blogger Programs, Talent Acquisition

Retail Solutions

ShopStyle’s commerce experts drive measurable results through unique merchandising opportunities.

Become one of our select partners and your brand will have the opportunity to reach millions of influential shoppers via the web, mobile, video, email, social media, and more.

Video Solutions

Whether it's shows that make viewers laugh, style leaders who inspire them to look their best, or lifestyle experts who help them lead a happier, healthier life — we partner with brands to produce content that we know our audience will love and share by the millions.

Making Headlines

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PopSugar CEO Riffs on the Fall of Linear Media and the Rise of Virtual Reality

As the first day of CES 2016 wrapped, PopSugar founder and CEO Brian Sugar gave us a vigorous rundown of the media and tech he sees…

Women in Business: Lisa Sugar, co-founder and Editor in Chief of PopSugar

Lisa Sugar was moved by an insatiable appetite for celebrities and a passion for pop culture…

PopSugar's ShopStyle driving revenues for fashion brands

PopSugar's chasing celebrities and sales — and driving more than a billion dollars in revenues for fashion brands…

The 19 hottest power couples in tech

Brian and Lisa Sugar believe that working together is the key to a happy marriage…

The secret behind internet mega-hit PopSugar? Forget about work-life balance

The sweet and talented duo Lisa and Brian Sugar reveal how they created a must-read site for celebrity news…

PopSugar Launches Full-Service Unit The Bakery

Want to know what women want? Lifestyle company may have the answer…

The Today Show Features Recipe from PopSugar's Brandi Milloy

If you're craving Chinese take-out but want to nix the extra calories that are so often packed into restaurant meals…

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When it’s your job to create a culture of happiness for millions of women, happiness begins at home. At POPSUGAR, that means knowing you’ll make an impact and have fun in the process. We hire talented people with diverse interests, who are passionate and thrive in a fast-paced environment. See what life at POPSUGAR is like here. If that sounds like you, please check out our job postings!

Leadership Team
- Board of Directors -
  • Arthur Cinader
    Founder & Executive Vice President
  • Michael Moritz
    Venture Capitalist, Sequoia Capital
  • Jonathan Kaplan
    Founder & CEO,
  • Brian Sugar
    Founder & CEO, POPSUGAR
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